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In the last years, demand for peppers and pepper-based products has increased significantly around the world. The non-pungent form, Bell pepper, is widely used as a green vegetable while Hot or Chili pepper is one of the best-selling condiments. This higher demand is explained in parts because of enhanced functional properties and health benefits (beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C, and Capsaicin). The International Pepper Conference get the attention of scientists, breeders, horticulturists, pathologists, entomologists, geneticists, physiologists, extension agents, seed and chemical company representatives, major processors, and growers around the world, being recognized as the leading venue for the dissemination and exchange of information on Capsicum. All pepper types including bell, long green/red chile, high color paprika, ancho, pimiento, cayenne, tabasco, jalapeno, yellow pickling, serrano, and cherry peppers will be a focus of the conference. This international conference will provide numerous opportunities for participants to share up-to-date information and research, and to discuss common concerns with colleagues from around the world. Please, mark your calendar and make plans to attend the 22nd International Pepper Conference scheduled November 17-20, 2014 in Viña del Mar (Chile).

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Topics of Interest

The aim of the conference is to bring together those with an interest in the current status of pepper and Capsicum research, extension and technology. Topics of interest will include to:

  • Breeding, genetics, genomic.
  • Plant physiology and stress physiology.
  • Horticultural management and production (rootstocks, production methods, cultural systems, irrigation and sustainable approaches).
  • Protected agriculture (greenhouse, shade-house, and tunnel).
  • Integrated pest management (weed, insect and disease management).
  • Post-harvest issues (post-harvest physiology and technology).
  • Industry, marketing and trade.
  • Functional use and health (nutraceutical content and adding-value) .


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Conference Deadlines

All Speakers and Poster Presenters must Register to Confirm Participation:
August 30, 2014
Regular Registration Deadline:
October 31, 2014

Meeting location

Enjoy Hotel – Viña del Mar
Casino & Resort
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